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In line with our commitment to our consumers, we carry out the following tests to ensure the quality, efficacy and safety of all our products.


These tests ensure that raw materials used in formulas conform to specifications. They also monitor their scalability for the design and development stages.


These tests confirm that the formulas designed are not altered by external microbian contamination. We asses the efficacy of a formula’s preservation system against a variety of challenging microorganisms.


These tests make it possible to support claims through measurement of biochemical parameters of the skin and hair, supplying objective data on the performance of the product.

Safety in Vitro

These tests assess the innocuity of each cosmetic product using alternative methods to animal testing.


These tests allow us to measure, analyze, interpret and evoke the presence of attributes in a product through the senses, in order to classify them by comparing them with established patterns.


These tests are used to determine the shelf life of products in accelerated (predictive) and normal storage conditions.

Additionally, our metrology assurance tests ensure that the measurement equipment and instruments used produce reliable results.


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